Inner Child Healing Intentsive

Thank you Meera Jain for an intense and deeply healing weekend. You are an amazing healer with keen insights into what is really going on inside of us. Your techniques are unique and effective. I would strongly recommend the Inner Child Healing Intensive to anyone wishing to find, heal and integrate missing parts of themselves. You are a master.

Linda Wignall, Utah.

TeresaI signed up for the Inner Child to gain a deeper understanding and healing of my inner child. Through different processes, Meera safely guided me deeper within myself to the very core of my being. This process unraveled suppressed feelings, and I recognized shut down parts of myself.  I was rejecting my true self.  I was able to reconnect with a part of myself that I had killed off as a result of a traumatic experience, which resulted in pushing people away and feeling unsupported.  Reconnecting with that zombie piece of myself and healing her was life changing. I saw how the damage I had inflicted on myself never went away.  I learned that I had developed negative patterns throughout my life because I had a deep rejection wound.  Through the weekend, I experienced the full range of emotions from crying, anger, joy, and sadness in a safe nurturing environment.

I can now observe my current situations with a better protection of myself with healthier boundaries.  I have found my voice, and feel love for myself and don’t need to live in a victim state.  I am able to play and feel creative again!  I have a new zest for life. Doors are opening and I’m less anxious than I’ve been in years!!  I know those who hurt us are themselves the ones in pain.  If you are ready to change and learn how to “let go” this class is a must!  Dig deeper, find yourself again. You are worth it!

Teresa Rydalch, Utah.

It feels good to be at peace with every single piece of me. We go through life shoving down our anger, our fears, our stupidity, because that’s what we’ve been taught.  We feel that it’s not natural to feel sad, mad, worthless or stupid.  I would get mad if someone said I don’t take care of myself very well.  I would feel worthless if someone told me ‘you can’t do it’.  I shoved my anger, my stupidity, my worthlessness so deep, until I was a wreck.  That little girl inside of me was ignored, abandoned and neglected.  I kept shoving those emotions down day after day, covering it up with alcohol, cigarettes, terrible food choices and surroundings.  I had completely closed my heart off.  The Inner Child was crushed and each time I shoved down an emotion, my Inner child got more and more hurt.

The weekend changed my life.  I have an amazing woman to thank for helping me dig deep into my past, pull me out the darkness, feel it, embrace it and own every piece of me with compassion.  Meera Jain guided me to open wounds and embrace every ugly, stupid, worthless, beautiful, caring, loving, accepting, powerful part of me.  It took a lot of trust and strength to look at myself internally, – it wasn’t easy, but I’m thankful I healed some deep wounds.  We can’t deny the truth any longer – we are too precious to forget about – divine beauty, chaos and all.  I’m forever grateful for this shift.  You are an amazing woman, Meera – thank you for guiding me to healing.

Michelle George, Utah.

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Fearlessly Authentic Purification Program

I have been working with Meera for a year and a half. I’ve experience other healers and spent thousands of dollars in a local awareness training with limited results. My experience in working with Meera has been nothing short of profound emotional and spiritual healing. With Meera’s assistance, I am remembering my gifts and my divine birthright here in this life time. For most of my life I have suffered from Addiction, Depression and Anxiety which is now about 75% lifted. I’ve taken most of her Fearlessly Authentic Program with amazing results and do some deep healing that sticks.  It warms my heart to witness the deep healing of all those others who also work with Meera!  Meera is a gifted master teacher and clear conduit for healing.  I thank my Divine every day for all the gifts and tools that I have received and continue to receive from Meera’s work!  She is the real deal and continues to walk beside me in my journey.

Paul, Taylorsville, Utah.

yoseph2I met Meera around July 2014 and I’ve been following her ever since. I was impressed with her authenticity and sincerity and still am. She has profound knowledge and deep understanding in what she is doing and most importantly she practices what she teaches. She also keeps the environment safe and clean energetically in all her work, so that they are conducive for healing and learning. This ensures that the students and clients go back home not with more negative energies, but with healing and empowerment.

Meera’s work has given me opportunities to grow beyond what I can imagine. I have tremendous growth in mental, emotional and spiritual areas of my life through the processes that Meera facilitates.  I have healed my teenage trauma. I have let go of anger and powerlessness that I carried for 20 years (and did not even realize was there (repressed and buried away) before I attended the ‘Inner Child Intensive’.   I have also let go of my need to control everything and have opened up to trust and surrender.  I have learned a lot about human psychology and the human energy system and how they are connected together and manifest as “reality” in our life. I have clarity about my life purpose now. I feel that the universe is on my side and I am moving with the flow to realize my life purpose to empower others. Life has become easy instead of burdensome and in constant struggle. I feel deep sense of love and joy in my life.

I believe that Meera’s Fearlessly Authentic Program is one of the best available to the public now in terms of money and time. One of the ways to measure is by the behavior and the attitude of her students. Once a person reaches certain level of healing and cleansing, his/her true self is starting to shine. He/she becomes empowered to live the life in alignment with his/her life purpose. It is such a joy and honor for me to be part of the community at Institute of Conscious Living and to observe the transformation of fellow students. My warmest love and gratitude to you Meera.

Yoseph Darmawan, Utah.

The growth I’ve experienced in learning to love and accept myself, opening my heart to give love as well as receive love from others, removing walls, clearing entities and foreign energies, learning to protect myself from the same, clearing my chakras, connecting with my inner child, clearing layers upon layers of past garbage that no longer serves me, and learning to be mindful and present has been very profound.  I am eternally grateful to the Universe for leading me to Meera, and to Meera for EVERYTHING.

Jay, Utah.

Meera’s Fearlessly Authentic Program has had a profound and lasting effect on my life.  It has helped me take a deeper look inside my subconscious thoughts and behaviors than I ever would have imagined was possible. I am simply amazed, each and every time, how quickly Meera’s work gets straight to the root of the problem, identifies it, and provides a way to heal it immediately.

I think the treasure that I cherish most from the gift of the beautiful work that Meera does, is her facilitating my connection with my higher self. Whenever I am feeling lost, confident, confused, joyous, despairing or peaceful, I feel connected with her in a way that I feel gives my life a clear purpose, and all that I aspire to be in this life and others. I am truly grateful.

Lynsie, Utah.

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Energy Based Pyschotherapy

I’ve spent a decade of my life in therapists’ chairs.  Been prescribed oodles of mind altering meds, seen some real charlatans and have always left the therapists’ office feeling either exactly as I did upon entering or in some cases worse.  I’m so profoundly grateful to have been introduced to Meera and her work.  Meera’s gentle and thorough and has helped me in various areas of my life.  It’s funny because I was at a place in my life where I thought I would remain stuck until the end and now I am realizing that those feelings were not based in fact, but a self-fulfilling fiction.  I’m 28 and I feel like I’m approaching a whole new area of my life, unchartered territory and the unknown has never felt better.

Zack, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Meera is a gift to Utah! I’ve looked for a healer for 12 yrs who could help me change my life and teach me to help others.  I’ve worked with other good healers who helped me feel momentarily better.  However, it has been Meera who has helped me to finally start healing at a deep level with effects that are lasting and apparent to myself and my family. Meera is a gifted healer and I know she can be trusted. The space she creates is safe and I always experience great progress whether it is in a private session with her or in her individual classes.

Rachelle, Utah.

I was introduced to Meera and her work about a year ago.  I was feeling hopeless about my career and where it was going.  I took a few classes and realized that I had layers upon layers of emotional wounds that were holding me back.  I was particularly concerned that I was going to lose my job because of my health and the conflict it was causing with my management.  I was feeling as if I had been singled out and was the scapegoat of the office. The two issues began to manifest in worsening health conditions, poor relationships and depression.  Meera and I focused on this specific issue in her sessions and she helped me realize that I had a fear of rejection and that I no longer trusted people. I was alienating myself from others almost entirely.  Meera felt that I had also quit displaying any type of gratitude and acceptance of managers in the office. In the midst of feeling sorry for myself, I was developing a very bitter and conflicting environment for myself.  Meera worked to clear this negativity from me and asked that I start sending loving energy to my managers. Of course I thought “how is that supposed to work.” However, it did, and by showing gratitude and compassion I began to receive the same treatment from them. Over time my relationship with my managers became one of mutual respect and trust. I am very grateful to Meera for healing this relationship.  Meera’s work has helped me recognize the underlying causes of my negative emotions and fears so that I may face them and work to move past them not only emotionally but physically, spiritually, and karmically. As we all know, life is a process of growing and learning. I feel as though Meera’s work is a tool passed down from the heavens in order to help us not only repair but strengthen ourselves so that we can be the Divine beings we were meant to be.

Chenille, Utah.

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