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The Suffering Dreamer


Your Authenticity Assessment Score reveals that you are Authenticity Type 5 – The Suffering Dreamer


What Is The Suffering Dreamer?


The Suffering Dreamer is one who holds hope in his / her heart and dreams of a better life and future, even though he / she is extremely unhappy and dissatisfied with self and life.


Your Journey Thus Far


As the Suffering Dreamer, you have struggles in every area of your life – relationships, finances, career, friendships and so on.  You also struggle with anxiety and depression and everything you do feels like such a big heavy effort.

You probably had a difficult childhood and carry many deep hurts from the past that you have pushed away or tried to overcome.  Underneath these hurts, you struggle with issues of rejection, abandonment, fear, anger, guilt, trust and betrayal.  You are likely also following an invisible rulebook that was handed down to you and you have never questioned it.

I want you to know that you are not alone.  There are many people struggling just like you.  But, I also want you to know that you can heal and transform your struggles and find that deep inner peace and joy that you desperately seek.  Let me help you!


What’s Next


Would you be willing to try something that may be out of your comfort zone?  I invite you to consider the following option:

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