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The Spiritual Seeker


Your Authenticity Assessment Score reveals that you are Authenticity Type 3 – The Spiritual Seeker


What Is The Spiritual Seeker?


The Spiritual Seeker is one who is consciously looking for answers.  There is a deep desire to understand the self, others, relationships and meaning of life.  The Spiritual Seeker may have spent some time and effort in these endeavors through reading and attending some classes and seminars, but he / she has not really invested in going deeper than looking at how to change the surface stuff of negative patterns, core beliefs and toxic emotions to how it may be possible to transform soul wounds.

Your Journey Thus Far


You deeply desire peace and happiness; but struggle with stress, anxiety and fear in many areas of your life.  Some of your core wounds may be rejection, abandonment, distrust, betrayal and shame.  Life and people are often a big puzzle to you and you struggle to understand some of your relationships, which keeps you in a reactive state.

I want you to know you are not alone and that it is absolutely possible to heal all conflicts and struggles (internal and external) to embrace the best version of yourself.  What if you could move out of stress, anxiety and fear into freedom, joy and magnificence and what if it doesn’t have to take years to get there??


What’s Next?


Would you be willing to try something new that would give you a better understanding of how to transform soul wounds quickly?  I promise you will save a ton of time and money in the long run.  I invite you to consider the following option:

  • Join my FB group (it’s FREE) and see what might be possible – meet like-minded people and be a part of a highly engaged tribe that is dedicated to personal growth and healing. You will learn from our discussions and find new ways of thinking..