The Breakthrough…

Through my 12 year personal journey into Self-Healing and Empowerment, I found that most people around me were struggling to maintain true and lasting transformational change; even though they were attempting to do all the right things (motivational seminars, healing retreats, meditation practices, coaching programs etc).  This was incredibly disheartening to me.

But, then I realized, there seemed to be a “missing link”.  Through a combination of research, experimentation and intuitive guidance, I feel that I have found this missing link.  Through the Fearlessly Authentic Programs, I now find myself in a place where I am transforming the lives of many people.

The Missing Link

You see, human beings are multidimensional beings – that means we have a physical body, an emotional body, a mental body and a spirit body.  Each of these has an anatomy and a physiology and can get diseased.  Thus, you can say that the emotional, mental and spirit body each have their own set of pathologies, just like the physical body.


The Multidimensional Human Being

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Pathologies of the Spirit Body

Understanding the anatomy and physiology, as well as the pathologies of each these bodies and how they interface with each other should be an important aspect in the diagnosis and treatment of physical, emotional and psychological issues; yet our modern medicine and therapies are all based on a reductionist view – that only looks at a small part of problem instead of the integrated whole.  For example, when studying the heart and its pathologies, our medicine only looks at the physical heart in-depth, but doesn’t take into account that it might be connected to and influenced by the emotional body.  So, although our modern medicine has made great advances in improving human health, we are now starting to hit many limitations in terms of health, wellness and healing.

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This is also the reason why conventional psychological therapy takes so long to even begin to see results.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT (the most popular form of therapy used by psychologists today) focuses primarily on maladaptive cognitive factors (negative patterns and core beliefs) that are the underlying cause of psychological distress or mental health problems.  While this does work, identifying and treating anxieties and struggles on the conscious level of the mind creates many limitations; because all maladaptive cognitive factors are embedded in the subconscious mind.  In addition, CBT does not have a way to target emotions directly and therefore this can create a high level of relapse in the treatment of certain conditions such as Anxiety Disorders.

Similarly, many energy healing systems only teach how to channel/run energy, but don’t teach anything about the anatomy and physiology of the spirit body and the pathologies that can show up and how to treat specific conditions.  The result is that an energy healing session will often create a temporary balancing/relaxation response, but generally doesn’t get to the root cause of the issue and shift it completely.

My Breakthrough Approach

This is why my breakthrough approach to healing and wellness is so unique.  I found that by integrating two fields that I had mastered (psychology / psychotherapy and subtle energy), it was possible to bring about life-changing transformations in people.  I call it Energy-Based Psychotherapy.  To learn more about Energy-Based Psychotherapy click on the button below.

Energy-Based Pyschotherapy