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Traditional Usui Reiki and Reiki Matrix level 1

By April 11, 2017Uncategorized

Rare opportunity to train in Traditional Usui Reiki and Reiki Matrix, level 1

From 10:00 am until 4:00 pm

At The Safety Consortium

400 Lawndale Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Registration $300

Join me for a rare opportunity to train in Level 1 (Reiki and Reiki Matrix) this May. This class will be held over two weekends - Sat and Sun May 20th and 21st and May 27th and 28th. Cost is $300 and includes 2 separate manuals and a certificate. In order to maintain the highest quality, all of my Reiki classes are limited to 8 - 10, so sign up early.

Here is what will be covered over the 2 weekends:

1st weekend - Traditional Reiki (4 separate attunements, history, background, scientific research, Reiki principles, practice and more)

2nd weekend - The Reiki Matrix (1 additional attunement, what is The Reiki Matrix, New Energy Techniques, Advanced...



"Initially, I felt very relaxed in my meditative state, then a wave of energy came over me - like an awakening. It surged through my body - seemd to be like a cleansing process and energizing at the same time - very calm though".Mamie C. (Personal Secretary)
"Your workshop healed the lifelong depression I had suffered from.Thank you, thank you, thank you" Eric T. (Psychotherapist)

"When I got home after the workshop, I cried - I felt so many emotions.Two days later I saw someone I usually try to avoid, but this time I wanted to speak to him. I was extremely filled with joy and could not stop this energy...........I am still myself, just more exaggeratedly myself and more aware of the sensations that I feel" Erica (Clinical Psychologist)

"I feel I have become more calm, I have learned to meditate more intensely and seem to connect better spiritually. I know I have more work ahead and I look forward to being more in touch with gods, spirit. The workshop taught me more than I expected. I see there is more of a root to all things and reasons beyond. I know now to be in touch with energy fields and pay more attention and be aware of my surroundings and how I feel. I look forward to Reiki II and hope to extend my healing techniques to my family. Thank you for showing me Reiki and allowing the spirtual energies to come out." Cathy (Teacher, San Diego)

There are 7 people coming.

There are 3 places available.

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Meera Jain

About Meera Jain

Meera is a Personal Transformation Expert and a pioneer in the emerging new field of Energy Psychology. Her signature programs ‘Energy-Based Psychotherapy’ and ‘Fearlessly Authentic’ have created life-changing transformations for many people. Her areas of expertise include Meditation, Archetypal Psychology, Inner Child Work, Subtle Energy Work and Transpersonal Psychology. She has presented at many different venues, including universities and healing centers for over 15 years.

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