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The ‘Miracles’ Workshop

By July 25, 2017Uncategorized

Healing Intensive To Transform Fear

From 9am until 6pm

At The Safety Consortium

400 West Lawndale Drive, SLC


Does FEAR hold you back from being your best self and living your most authentic life??  Do you struggle to speak up or stand up for yourself?  Are you scared to take a risk or does fear of failure show up as performance anxiety?  Are you scared of getting close to someone because they may reject you??  Do you struggle to trust others? 


Did you know that it is possible to heal and transform your fears completely, so the Fears are NO MORE.  Imagine what your life could be like if you healed your fears - Imagine feeling freedom and joy to step into your greatest light.


Contrary to the popular belief that fear is something to overcome and override, I believe this approach only stuffs it down inside of us, where it takes root in another form and shows up as a different dysfunction or block in our life.  Instead, we must find a way to bring up the fear and transmute it completely. 


In this highly experiential ‘Miracles’ Workshop, Meera will use Energy-Based Psychotherapy to guide students deep into their subconscious mind to dig deep into their story and access some of their worst FEARS, understand the root cause and then transform them completely through emotional release work and highly advanced energy work, so there is absolutely NO imprint left anywhere in their Mind-Body Matrix.  The work is extremely deep and facilitates working on every level of the person – emotional, physical, cognitive and energetic.  The result – the fear is No More and the client is liberated!!


This workshop is limited to 10 people, who are willing to dig deep into themselves and transform a big area of their life.  The small group size provides an intimate and safe setting with plenty of focused individual attention from Meera to ensure the maximum take - away for each individual from the workshop.


Here is what you will walk away with from the Miracles Workshop:

  • Freedom from some of your FEARS
  • Release from the heaviness and the emotional burden of having carried those Fears for so long.
  • A new level of peace, love and acceptance
  • A feeling of being closer to your most authentic self.

There are 10 places available.

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Meera Jain

About Meera Jain

Meera is a Personal Transformation Expert and a pioneer in the emerging new field of Energy Psychology. Her signature programs ‘Energy-Based Psychotherapy’ and ‘Fearlessly Authentic’ have created life-changing transformations for many people. Her areas of expertise include Meditation, Archetypal Psychology, Inner Child Work, Subtle Energy Work and Transpersonal Psychology. She has presented at many different venues, including universities and healing centers for over 15 years.

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