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Reducing Stress During Testing: Simple Strategies for Children

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After spending some time with some 4th graders this week, I was shocked to discover that a significant number of them were not sleeping well because they were stressed about the upcoming STAR testing. I decided to investigate this further and found that according to a survey conducted by Christopher Munsey of the American Psychological Association (APA) in 2010, 44% of the children surveyed reported that doing well in school was a major source of stress for them. Although, there are a multitude of reasons for why children experience stress, school performance seemed to rank as the highest stressor.

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Spirit Science 21 ~ Toroidal Flow – YouTube

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What is the connection between the planets, stars, universe, our hearts, our energy fields, the singularity, earthquakes, and all of nature??  The answer may lie in what is called the Torus or Toroidal Flow, which can explain all phenomena.  This is a great little video on the nature of the Torus – whether you are interested in energy work or quantum physics, mystical phenomena or hard science, this video is quite enlightening…………