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The Benevolent Warrior


Congratulations!! Your Authenticity Assessment Score reveals that you are Authenticity Type 1 –  The Benevolent Warrior.


What Is The Benevolent Warrior?


The Benevolent Warrior is the highest achievement in our journey to becoming Fearlessly Authentic.  The Benevolent Warrior is one who stands firm in his / her power and yet embodies benevolence in every way and on every level.  They are completely honest with themselves and who they are and therefore nothing is pushed into shadow.

Make no mistake of what this means – the benevolent warrior is not a materialistic or an egoic accomplishment.  It is a psychospiritual one.  It means someone who is connected to their deepest truth and not scared to live it, but in a way that has the intention for the highest good of all beings in the universe.

The Benevolent Warrior stands in the space where there is neither submission of power nor misuse of power.  This space is like a very thin boundary between victim and abuser, where every action, word and thought is selflessly guided to do the right thing for all beings in the universe.

This is because there is an understanding that even our tiniest intentions can create karma and have the ability to send ripples throughout the universe and impact all life.Most human beings are caught up in Victim or Abuser.  They live in blame and judgement or lack self-love (victim) or they misuse power through a lack of integrity and honesty or lack compassion and empathy for others (abuser).

It is only when we have healed the victim inside us, transformed the shadow aspects of the abuser inside us – all through deep inner work that we can finally rise above the victim / abuser polarity.  That is what it means to be a Benevolent Warrior!!

There are very few individuals who qualify as the Benevolent Warrior – Amma, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Thich Nhat Hanh are good examples of the highest level of this archetype.


Your Journey Thus Far


If you are truly achieving this score, you have likely spent many years doing deep inner work to transform your inner baggage (limiting beliefs, negative patterns, toxic emotions) and therefore now reap the rewards of this through the inner peace, joy and presence that you feel.  You have a strong awareness and are deeply connected to your intuition, which allows you to express your deepest truth freely and passionately in all areas of your life.

You connect deeply with others and understand them and are surrounded by many loving relationships.  Compassion and empathy are a strong part of your framework and you thrive to make a difference in the lives of others.  You love life and life loves YOU.  Opportunities continually present themselves to you.  Synchronicities and universal messages guide you and you experience many moments of magic and miracles.


What’s Next?


You have accomplished the highest state of authenticity and yet, something has guided you to my work.  Be it your own higher self or guidance from spirit, somewhere inside you, there is a feeling that there is a deeper level to be explored and a higher level to be obtained.  I welcome you in this inquiry and invite you to explore that inkling through meditation and journaling……

Then, let’s have a phone chat to see how I may be able to help you!!  Perhaps I can provide a perspective that you have not been able to see…

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