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The Aspiring Hero


Your Authenticity Assessment Score reveals you are Authenticity Type 2 – The Aspiring Hero.


What Is the Aspiring Hero?


The Aspiring Hero is one who is starting to step into his / her authentic self, but there is still room for improvement in many areas of his / her life.  The Aspiring Hero has spent many years engaged in deep inner transformational work, has come a long way in his / her personal healing journey and has gained much knowledge and tools along the way.  Because of this, The Aspiring Hero deeply desires to step into a role of sharing his / her gifts and knowledge with the world and to contribute in some positive way.

Your Journey Thus Far


You have most likely spent many years doing deep inner work to transform your inner baggage (limiting beliefs, negative patterns, toxic emotions) and are starting to see the benefits of this show up in your life and how you feel.  Perhaps, you have also undertaken some training in coaching programs or energy healing systems.

You have invested time and effort in getting to know yourself and develop a strong intuitive ability that guides your life; but you have NOT yet made peace with all areas of your life – in other words, there are still things you struggle with.  There are days of magic, miracles and synchronicities and there are days when you fall back into old patterns and habits.  There may be an issue or internal conflict you have done tons of work around, yet you still struggle with it. Or you may have accomplished a level of comfort in all areas of your life, but there still seems to be a void or an uncertainty around your life purpose or true path.


What’s Next?


Let’s start by helping you unravel where the struggle may be.  Take a look at the list below – it is a list of nine areas that psychologists consider to be the main areas of life.  Go through this list and on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is highly unsatisfied and 10 is highly satisfied; please rate each of these areas of your life.

Physical Health            _______________

Spiritual Life                _______________

Personal Growth         _______________

Work & Career           _______________

Romantic Life              _______________

Family Life                   _______________

Financial Health          _______________

Social Life                    _______________

Fun & Recreation        _______________


Once you have mapped out the areas that you are not a (10) Highly Satisfied, I invite to consider the following two options:

  • Email me with any questions you may have at  I personally go through every email I get and answer them.
  • Call me and we can phone chat about what could be possible in terms of transforming your struggle!! Perhaps I may be able to provide you with a perspective you may not have considered.  Imagine what your life could look like if you could break free from these struggles and reclaim your freedom, joy and magnificence.

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